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Begin with IOT

Internet Of Things is an expression that design little electronic board.

Get Started

You can easily cross-compile an Arduino firmware with NectarJS. You first need to install avr-gcc on your platform.

Once done, you can try to compile one of the example:

mkdir examples
cd examples
nectar --examples
nectar arduino-led.js --env arduino --target nano


You can directly flash an Arduino connected in USB using the –flash flag

Led example

Our NectarJS IOT Starter Pack embed an Arduino boards with a led and others cool stuff.

Make the led blinking

First of all, connect the usb cable on your Computer.

The, compile an example with NectarJS (example for Linux)

nectar arduino-led.js --target mega2560 --env arduino --flash /dev/ttyACM0

ttyACM0 represents the place where our IOT board is cabled.

NectarJS will understand that you are targetting an Arduino Mega 2560 with the Arduino env.

Once compiled you should see the led blinking.

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