Confidentiality policy

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We use your IP, user agent and form data to detect spam comments.

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Contact form data are only used to contact you.


Cookies lets this website remember who you are.

Use of personal data :

Data are use for technical reasons on this website (login, payment)

Data storage time :

Comments are kept for unlimited time.

Rights about data

If you have an account on our website, you can ask a file with all your data. You can ask for the suppression of these data.

Contact information :

You can contact us with our contact form : or with our live chat.

Data protection :

We use security tools to protect your data.

Data flaw :

If this website is victim of an attack, we will clearly send a message to all our users to say what they have to do to be safe.

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You can opt-in to our newsletter. We will send you news about NectarJS. We will never sell or transmit these data to any other entity.