Compile your JavaScript
for everything

JavaScript God Mode

It's Performant

Compiled JavaScript run nearly as fast as low level languages.

It's easy

You only need NectarJS to develop for every platforms.

Full Cross platform

Code with everything, and compile your JavaScript to every platforms.

Obfuscation is the past

Your JS no more need protections : once compiled it's not human readable.

Unlimited power

Upgrade your skills

  • NectarJS transforms JS developers in low level efficient developers. Explore IOT, every OS, WASM and much more.

Distribute compiled JS app

  • Package your applications without time loss with our compilation servers. Produce more, and better
JavaScript God Mode

Frequently asked questions

You need to install NodeJS (

Then, just type in a shell : npm install -g nectarjs

You can verify that NectarJS is present on your system with this command : nectar –version

You need a key to use NectarJS :


NectarJS compiler service is free and will remain so.

You can help us by contributing or by buying our packaged development products.

NectarJS compiler service is secured : your code is encrypted.

Your secret key encrypts your code and make it safe.

NectarJS supports :

– mac-osx
– win-x86-32
– win-x86-64
– linux-x86-32
– linux-x86-64
– linux-arm32v7
– arduino-uno
– arduino-mega1280
– arduino-mega2560
– wasm
– asm-js

Feel free to ask us to add another platform.

NectarJS is a cross platform JavaScript compiler. Contact Us

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